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Love has never looked more beautiful than the day your eyes open and you finally see yourself the way Jesus does! Clothed in strength, dignity and honor! You are the daughter of a righteous and loving King, who asks only this. I died for you, will you live for me?

Life has become full of running here and running there. Get this done, get that done! Make dinner, schedule appointments, talk to teachers, finish reports. It’s all about work, kids, bills, school and doctors appointments.

But where does God fit in. Does it happen while laying in bed at night? Do you slip in that last little prayer of God protect me and fall asleep praying. If that’s the case there’s no better way to fall asleep! But there’s just something about getting in the position of prayer, lifting your hands to God and feeling His presence! That’s how your strength gets renewed!

It’s time we stop putting God last and second guessing what He does for us. It’s time to stop asking if God is righteous and faithful! It’s time to start looking at ourselves and holding what we find up against His word. I bet when we do that we finally see whose right and whose wrong.

Strength comes in knowing Jesus. It comes when you finally let go of all those moments of intense fear or doubt or worry over things you have NO CONTROL over. Strength comes when you put your faith in God and allow Him to show you who He is! Then and only then, will your strength be renewed.

Hope in God and he will replace those cares with peace!