The intimidation of fear.

All Bark and No Bite

What a great day I’m having today. I took the babies out for a walk this morning and they loved it. I started out with apprehension because all I could think was “Oh boy, this is going to be hot, take a while and the babies are going to get pretty cranky.” But, I enjoyed every second of it. I found peace that I’ve been searching for, for 3 years now. It was so refreshing and invigorating to feel myself just fall into the arms of Jesus throughout that walk. It was like my mind finally agreed with my heart and just knew

“Everything will be okay.”

I looked up the meaning of FEAR on my phone and this is what it says:

  • An unpleasant FEELING triggered by the perception of danger, real or imagined.


Fear has this way of backing you into a corner and telling you what to do. Fear is an intimidation tactic used for a long time by the devil to get you to do what he wants you to do. He wants you to stay locked inside your mind. He wants you stay locked inside the walls that he builds for you like a good little prisoner.  When you try to get up by your own strength, he beats you back into submission, until you have no strength left to fight at all. One day you’ll wake up and look around and you’ll think to yourself. “How, did I get here? At what point in my life did I allow all this to happen?” When you start seeking those answers and having faith in what God says, you’ll finally know true freedom.


Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will FLEE from you.

Do you see that perfect word in there. I capitalized it for you! Here, I’ll type it again.


Again I looked this word up on my phone and here’s the definition for it. I love it!Run away from a place or situation of danger!

  • Run away from someone or something!

He has to flee from you. I want to tell you a bit of a story really quick to help you get a better understanding of what I mean: Follow along!

In 2004 I was induced into labor with my second child, Adrian! I remember it like it was yesterday. I kept telling the nurses to please tell the doctor to just break my water and I would go into active labor and ready to push. I guess they thought I was being stubborn or just didn’t want to deal with the pain anymore. Either way, they weren’t listening to me. So, for 16 hours I sat and labored in pain. Then, all of a sudden my blood pressure dropped and the next thing I know I’m in the pitch black dark. I could hear the nurses and doctors and the people talking around me. But, it was as if a veil was over them. I couldn’t really see them. All of a sudden I began to feel this tormenting feeling inside my stomach. It was as if my intestines was being turned inside out. I was beginning to feel fear at a great intensity at this time. I could feel two demons getting closer and closer to me. They were coming up on my left side. Although, I wasn’t permitted to look at them. Though I knew they were coming and I could feel everything they wanted me to feel. Then, in a split second, when they were almost close enough to touch me. This bright yellow, white light illuminates the room. I squint my eyes trying to grasp what just happened. I no longer felt the fear of the demons. By this time, they were afraid and bowing down. I’m finally able to open my eyes and see the one and only Jesus standing at the door. On His right and left side was an enormous Angel. They were on guard, though I’m not sure what they were protecting. Heaven, Jesus or the people I saw walking around. I’m not even sure what was on the other side of that door. So, there was Jesus. Standing there in ALL His glory. Beautiful and magnificent. This time fear came in a different way. My body began to tremble. My insides felt like they were going to shake right out of me. All I kept thinking was, “Run, Run.” my next thought was “But where will I go. If I go down He is there. If I go up He is there. There’s no where I can go that He won’t find me.” I wasn’t afraid because I thought He would hurt me. I was afraid because in His presence, you realize just how sinful you are. Jesus stood there looking straight at those demons, whom I am still not allowed to look at. I love the expression on His face. You ever seen a mom protecting their children and daring someone to touch them. Well, that’s the face He had. The demons began bowing down and backing up. They kept looking up to see if and what Jesus was going to do. They just kept backing up until they were no longer present. I find that hilarious. Then, Jesus looks over to me. He puts His right hand in the air and He says, “Daughter, be still!” Y’all, tears are falling at me writing this. The gratitude in my heart is overwhelmed at the word, Daughter! I am His daughter. I am His. He stopped at nothing to get to me in time. He stopped at nothing to make sure the devil knew, I wasn’t to be messed with. He made sure the devil knew the boundaries. Except, I still didn’t.(I’ll talk more on this later.) When Jesus put His right hand up and said those three words everything inside my heart, my mind and my body just went completely calm. This is where it tends to get a little funny. I hope I can write this well enough for y’all to picture this moment in your head and hold it in your heart. When I went calm and finally relaxed, I was fully in the presence of God. I wasn’t worried about anything else. Not having a baby. Not paying my bills. Not if anyone was mad at me. I was not worried about anything. I tried with all my might to get up out of the hospital bed. I couldn’t move my mid section. Only my legs and my chest and arms were able to move. I still believe till this day that Jesus only allowed me to be able to move those parts because I was still pregnant and while protecting me, He was also protecting my baby boy! I tried y’all to get out of that bed. I couldn’t. I was pleading and begging. “JESUS. Jesus is that you. Please don’t leave me here. Jesus please take me home. Am I going home.” I talked so much Jesus didn’t say a word. He let me keep talking. All I wanted was to go home and be with Him. As I was asking Him these questions Jesus was walking closer and closer to me. Let me tell y’all. The love I felt as He got closer and closer to me. Words just can’t even explain it. He is Love. Love isn’t a feeling. It’s so much more than even just a choice. It’s WHO He is. He is Love. Jesus stood before me looking down. He spoke, finally and said “Lay back.” I laid back and looked up wondering what was going to happen now. Surely if I was going He would have permitted me to come to Him, but He didn’t. So, He leaned in and said “It’s time.” Then He put His mouth on my nose and breathed life into me. I rose from the hospital bed with a gasp of air and time fore delivery. Now, some may say this was drugs or whatever the case may be. Except, I had an all natural delivery. So, that can’t be it.

If the Son therefore shall make you FREE, ye shall be FREE indeed.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is simply this. Jesus has done all that He needs to do. He lived for 33 years on this earth. He’s walked through and over every mountain presented to you in this life. On the night of His arrest He cried tears of Blood asking for this cup to pass from Him because he was in extreme fear. He knows exactly how you feel. At the end, He submitted to His fathers Will and that’s where Freedom comes in. You are free from these shackles wrapped around your neck. You are free to dream and love and see new and exciting things. It’s okay to laugh and it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to live and enjoy the life that Jesus died to give you. You are free! He loves you so much. He does not like seeing you down and despondent. He desires for you to come to Him and let Him break that yoke of bondage strapped around your neck and replace it with His yoke.

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.


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