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All Bark and No Bite

The intimidation of fear.

What a great day I’m having today. I took the babies out for a walk this morning and they loved it. I started out with apprehension because all I could think was “Oh boy, this is going to be hot, take a while and the babies are going to get pretty cranky.” But, I enjoyed every second of it. I found peace that I’ve been searching for, for 3 years now. It was so refreshing and invigorating to feel myself just fall into the arms of Jesus throughout that walk. It was like my mind finally agreed with my heart and just knew

“Everything will be okay.”


Fear has this way of backing you into a corner and telling you what to do. Fear is an intimidation tactic used since the beginning of time by the devil to get you to do what he wants you to do. Which is to stay locked inside your mind hidden behind imaginary prison doors his lies have built for you.  He whips you into submission by making you believe you’re really afraid and that God is not going to save you.


Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will FLEE from you.

Give yourself to the Lord wholeheartedly and the devil will have to run from you! 


When you finally make the decision to lay down your life to God new things will begin to happen. God will create in you a new life with a new purpose. A new heart with new desires. So much so you won’t be able to even stand it. Your heart will ache for it. You will hunger and thirst after those desires and for God. You will long for them in a way that you’ve never longed for anything. You will find new joy in things you never thought you would. Behold the old is gone and the new has come by way of Jesus! 

But don’t think that because you have given your life to God that now you are untouchable. Most Christians especially new Christians take on the belief somehow that they will no longer be a target. That’s the wrong way to think. The devil will try to throw darts at you. He will use all the old tactics to get you to fall into the old way of thinking. This is so he can bring you back into bondage and hold you captive under a false pretense. 


I know for sometime I thought once I became a child of Gods the devil would have to flee from me. I never realized that I would be fighting daily to keep my citizenship with Heaven. Sometimes we have to submit to God 100 times a day. Turn away from the things were doing and get straightened back out. There are times we fall back into our old ways of thinking or actions and we have to repent of those sins and turn back to God in order for the devil to flee from us. The longer we hold onto those old ways the harder it becomes to return to Jesus again because we begin to think God isn’t helping us. Or He’s punishing us. These are all lies and ways the devil uses to hold us captive. 

The moment you bow your heart before the throne of God the devil has to flee from you! He can not stay where God is. He doesn’t want anything to do with God and to be honest, he’s completely terrified of God! So he will only come around those who allow him to continue to damage them using their past, present and fear of their own future. It’s up to us to turn around and start walking to God again! 

If the Son therefore shall make you FREE, ye shall be FREE indeed.

No more chains. No more bondage or slavery to fear, anxiety or depression. Can you imagine waking up one morning and actually not having to take that medication because you’ve found that Jesus has supplied all your needs! 

I guess what I’m trying to say, is simply this. Jesus has done all that He needs to do. He lived for 33 years on this earth. He’s walked through and over every mountain presented to you in this life. On the night of His arrest He cried tears of Blood asking for this cup to pass from Him because he was in extreme fear. He knows exactly how you feel. At the end, He submitted to His fathers Will and that’s where the devil had to flee. He couldn’t do anymore damage, Jesus had won the battle. Once you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior you are free from these shackles wrapped around your neck. You are free to dream and love and see new and exciting things. It’s okay to laugh and it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to live and enjoy the life that Jesus died to give you. He loves you so much.  He desires for you to come to Him and let Him break that yoke of bondage strapped around your neck and replace it with His yoke.

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.


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