Part 2: Unsettled, The Confidence Thief

If you haven't done so go back and read Unsettled, The confidence thief Part One. It will really open your mind and help you better understand a few things. It's written through my perspective, but use it to be a starting point in your own life. Some of us have more strongholds than fortknox! Were locked up… Continue reading Part 2: Unsettled, The Confidence Thief


Unsettled, The confidence thief

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.  I'm going to break this lesson down into a two part series because this is by for one of the most improtant things I feel like a person should grasp in their relationship with Jesus! Though our anxiety and depression seeks to destroy us,… Continue reading Unsettled, The confidence thief


He survived

"Hello" "Patrice. Does Ty have any kind of medical history I need to know about?" "What? Why? What's wrong?" "Patrice, I just really need to know the answere. Does Ty have any medical problems I should know about?" "Mom. Tell me what's going on. What's wrong with Ty?" I scream through the phone. Tears begin… Continue reading He survived


Plucking the Weeds

My husband and I just spent the last month completely re-doing our backyard! We have a pool and we wanted to go tropical as well as country feel. We planted tropical vines to grow along our fence line. In the flower bed behind our pool I planted pink, red and brown leaf's that grow to… Continue reading Plucking the Weeds


Standing for something

Have you ever heard the saying "Stand for something or you'll fall for anything." Well, you guessed it, that's what this post is about! Standing for something. Last night the husband and I had a conversation about being gay/ lesbian. It's actually a topic that comes up pretty frequently in my house. I'm not sure… Continue reading Standing for something



Purity in it's truest form   Tonight I have a few things weighing heavy on my heart. I've walked all over Facebook tonight and I've found people I've known my entire life walking on others as if they have meant nothing. Debating bible verses and sins. Trying to figure out if my sin is worse… Continue reading Love

The intimidation of fear.

All Bark and No Bite

Fear has this way of backing you into a corner and telling you what to do. Fear is an intimidation tactic used for a long time by the devil to get you to do what he wants you to do.

The webs we weave

The webs we weave

At this current moment I'm listening to the most amazing hymn ever! Come to Jesus, by Chris Rice! When this song plays, I can feel my spirit crying out to Jesus. I can feel my mind and my heart lining up with His will for me. I can remember when I first made the decision… Continue reading The webs we weave


A new day

I can still remember the day I gave my heart to Jesus.  I was sitting at the back of the revival my uncle was holding in Harlan Kentucky out of a gymnasium. I wasn't sure where I stood with Jesus.  My life wasn't exactly what I thought it should be.  I figured I had better… Continue reading A new day


Return Unto Me

I'm sitting here tonight thinking about how sweet life used to feel.  The beauty of the wind as it blew across my skin.  The sun as it feel underneath the earth and the moon raised it's light high.  Life felt weightless and worth it.  It felt perfect and warm and it held so much meaning.… Continue reading Return Unto Me