Hey there everyone! Welcome to Fearing Faith. A space and a place where you can find faith mixed with a whole lot of life. Where sometimes despair beckons to take over. This blog is filled with stories about my life. Bad decisions. Good decisions and Godly interventions!

My greatest moments as a mother. My all time failures as a girl mom verses a boy mom. My oldest to my youngest. My days are filled with dirty dishes, dirty diapers, dirty laundry and dirty floors. But my nights are filled with butterfly kisses and nighttime wishes from the lips of my little angels.

But real life happens in the in between moments.  When it feels like you just got gut punched in the stomach and you can’t breathe. When life becomes mundane and the hopes of anything different coming went out with the trash Thursday morning and your husband has asked you for the hundredth time, “Are you okay?”.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I’m not OKAY.” is what you really want to say at the top of your lungs. But, the children are there and because you don’t really want to yell at him you just want to yell. You want something to be different, feel different, look different, smell different, be different. ANYTHING….

So, I’m inviting you in. Welcome to my life. It’s boring yet filled with slimy fingers and dirty toes. It’s filled with whinny kids and back talking teenagers. But, it’s filled with a whole lot of love.

So, take a walk around my blog and find something to make you laugh, fill you with joy or even shed a tear here and there! Life can feel utterly impossible sometimes. But it doesn’t have to keep you locked away in a prison.

Let Jesus come in and shake that prison your living in. How about a little change!