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My Personal Creed

This morning as I sat at my kitchen table going through product catalogs, I got lost in my thoughts. I wish I could remember the exact way it happened to better describe the moments of the day. Unfortunately, I can’t. I began to think about the military and their readiness program to get incoming civilians ready to stand against the enemy of the United States or its allies. Lucky for me my husband is a veteran and I get the inside scoop on the details of the training.

Now, anyone who knows the military may leave me a few comments regarding how I state a few of these things.  Please bare with me as I navigate my way through this and bring the point home! As I went through hours of research and discussing a few things with my husband I narrowed the training down into three parts.

Physically- Exercise, Hydration, Endurance, Strength train, Diet

In order for a soldier to be combat ready they must be able to carry 60-80lbs. Which means the military offers and demands a strict PT (physical training) regiment for soldiers to follow. With these training regiments in place you learn endurance, hydration and strength. But most importantly, you learn your body in ways you’ve never known before. You learn your limits both physically and mentally. 

Emotional- “Get comfortable being uncomfortable” states one navy seal! How to fight fear. How to overcome anxious emotions. How to prepare for death. How to fight when you want to stand still. 

The quote I stated above by an un-named soldier really says it all. “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” In this phase of training they teach you how to feel fear and how to move past it. They teach you how to endure pain through rigorous training exercises like the gas chamber. I am told you are put through it twice. Once to show what to expect and the second to put what you’ve learned so far into action. Feel the fear, understand what’s happening, make a decision. They teach you to slow your thinking, your breathing and therefore keeping your blood pressure under control to keep your mind clear to make hard and fast decisions. 

Fundamentals- Homeland Security, enemy weaponry, tactics, battle strategy, lay of the land, the civilians movements and daily schedules.

This one was a little harder to explain. In this area they learn every aspect of their enemy. Their weaponry and where they store it. They know how many bombs, guns and men protecting the area. They evaluate and get a lay of the land. They strategically map out where troops will deploy and set up post. Our soldiers also learn the tactics and habits of our enemies amongst many other things.

While learning the enemies strategies they must also learn protocols of their own homeland. They learn where bases are and obtain security clearances. Amongst many, many other things to ensure our safety so we can sleep at night safely tucked away in our beds. To them, I say thank you!

In the same way the military trains up their soldiers in the way they should go, in how they should fight and where they are supposed to stand. With a solid foundation and creed to live by they offer them rules, guidelines and a trusted purpose to live and die for.   If the military recruited civilians but didn’t train them because we hadn’t had a war in 10 years then when the occasion arose we would be in pretty bad shape. 

Here’s the point. As Christians we to are in a battle. We are told to fight the good fight of faith and to take up our cross and follow Christ. As a new-born Christian I don’t feel like I was really taught well on how to defeat the enemy. I ran around in my newborn Christian diapers for as long as I possibly could until I was thrust out onto the battle field. It wasn’t something I wanted, but it was certainly something I needed. 

I decided to write my own personal creed to live by, remind myself of daily and to strive for all the days I’m graced with breath in my lungs. I want to add the word creed and root meaning behind it! The word creed is derived from the Latin word Credo,  which means “I Believe”. Pretty amazing right! Especially considering every military branch holds their own personal creed. For me, this was a chance for me to sit down and really think about what was important for me. What I held most dear to my heart! 

My personal creed

As a child of the most high God, I will take captive every high and lofty thought that tries to exalt itself against the knowledge of God and bring it to the obedience of Christ. I will direct my thoughts toward Heaven. I will seek the Lord with all my heart, soul and mind. I will serve God with a courageous, strong and steadfast heart. I will not allow fear to take me captive and lead me down a path of death and destruction. I will be transformed by the renewing of my mind daily with the word of God. I will remember whose I am. I will fight against evil, wickedness, demons and anything that sets itself against God. I will fight through faith and prayer for my husband, my children and my family. I will honor and praise God with my lips and worship Him with my heart. I will strive to meet and exceed each one of these declarations to the best of my ability. But if I fail at any one I will remember God’s grace and mercy is upon me! 

Search your heart. Find where your treasures are hidden and write out your own creed to live by. Something to hold you accountable when times are hard or you stray. I have also written a family creed that each one of my family members will strive to live by each day they have breath in their lungs. 

God bless y’all! 


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Unsettled, The confidence thief

Fear- A liar and a Thief

   Loving God has never felt so much like obedience until now, in this season of my life. But that’s okay because even in this season, there is still grace.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. I’m tired of being tired. I’m done with being afraid. I’m done being scared that everything I’ve loved will be taken from me. I’m done laying down and being walked on. I’m done being bullied.

What about you? Are you ready to kick fear out and fight for the life God desires for you to have? Are you ready to fight for the life YOU DESIRE TO HAVE? If so, stand up and let’s get to fighting!

I’ve lived so much of my life under the influence of fear.  I’ve missed so many wonderful opportunities to share God’s word with people who really needed it because I refused to fight back. I made up excuses for the anxiety attacks. Defending this horrible companion that refuses to leave even though I’ve begged on hands and knees with tears falling down my face. Compromising my beliefs and everything I’ve held dear to me because the feeling of fear, is just too much to bare.

I’ve ask myself time and time again, What did the people in the bible do when they feared?

You have your obvious stories like, David and Goliath. Yes, that’s an awesome story and there is so much to be learned from it and applied to your life daily. But, I’m talking about the kind of  fear that’s rooted so deep within that its going to take a crow bar to pry open the heavily manned walls of your heart.

Suffering from panic attacks and depression is so much more than just a chemical imbalance. It’s spiritual as well. But it’s not even that simple. When you begin to sit down and really start to think about it, doubts have been being planted in you for years. All those little lies that filled your mind over the years, are finally starting to show their roots.

Your circumstances have also contributed to fears you live with now. Maybe you were molested by someone in your family. Maybe you were beaten by your parents or an ex-boyfriend. Maybe you became pregnant young and left to take care of your child by yourself. Maybe your parents didn’t want you and left you behind. All of these were ways the devil strategically placed speed bumps in your destiny. Carefully planned out to perform his destruction on your life without you realizing that’s what was happening.

All of these things have in one way or another set up shot in your mind to grow off of that one seed of doubt planted in your mind years before. For me, anxiety is about the loss of control. But, let’s go a little deeper than that. Anxiety for me is about trust. I suffer from anxiety because I trust no one. There’s a reason I don’t trust anyone. My biological father didn’t want me as a child. When I became of age he started coming around. A few years into our relationship he disappeared and I hadn’t seen or heard from him in years. Then, I get a call saying he want’s a paternity test done because he doesn’t believe I’m his daughter.

So you can see where my trust issues begin. I was deserted by my father who until this day has wanted nothing to do with me. Not to mention the many molestations by close family members I suffered through. Another seed of doubt planted. DON’T TRUST MEN.  Trust, goes deep for me. But I am grateful, because I have Jesus to remind of who I am and who I belong to daily.  Though some days I struggle greatly I will win this race set before me. I will not give up and neither should you. You are more than just chemicals. To Him, you are everything. You are the apple of His eye, His perfect creation. He has sustained you and loved you. He has given you all that He has and He has put your enemy at your feet. Remind yourself of that. But before I go, I want to share a verse with you.

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Peace I leave with you:

The peace Jesus is talking about here is the peace of knowing who He is. Knowing that no matter what happens He’s sticking by your side. He’s comforting you, protecting you, watching over you, loving you, blessing you, turning everything around for your good. It’s knowing in your heart that hard times are going to come. You’re not excluded from being tried or tested. You’re not excluded from the devil coming after you. But it’s remembering in those times that Jesus is still Jesus and He is going to protect you and comfort you right through it all. He gifted you His peace. Now, reach out and take it with thanksgiving in your heart!

Not as the world giveth:

We all know this world only offers temporal peace. Okay, I made the bills this month! Whew! The laundry is finally done! Yay! This kind of peace doesn’t last long because guess what, tomorrow those troubles will be right there waiting for you again. And guess what, you’ll be worrying about it before tomorrow even comes. So reach out and grab ahold of that beautiful gift of peace He gave you! Have faith in Jesus!

Let not your heart be troubled:

Wondering about things often get’s us into trouble. I know for me it has usually led me to places of depression in the past that were hard for me to return from, though I did. I wondered about why my dad left and about how I would make my next mortgage payment. I wondered if I would ever meet anyone to spend my life with. All these things troubled my heart. But, they never made me feel anxious.

Neither let it be afraid:

The fact that this verse says LET NOT, means we have control over what our hearts feel and possess. That’s absolutely nuts right! Sometimes I don’t feel like I have a whole lot of control over what I’m feeling because it feels like I’m losing my mind. But let’s be honest here, were allowing that feeling of fear to conquer us instead of leading our hearts in the right direction. Through the light of the WORD of God!

At the end of the day we need to realize fear is a liar and a thief. He’s stolen more things from you than you can even fathom. Just think, you only know of the things that show prominently on your mind. What about the life Jesus has had planned for you since before He even created you? Your leaving that behind and walking hand in hand with someone that is ultimately destroying you.

Fear comes to steal, kill and destroy. Sound familiar. That’s right. Fear is from the devil. Fear is not your comfort place. It’s not a thorn in your side. It’s not just a chemical imbalance. It’s so much more than that.

From experience, I know fear is not something you can just walk right out of. Well, sometimes you can! But for most of us, it takes time, patience and a whole lot of prayer. It takes remembering who Jesus is, trusting and believing that He will do what’s best for you. It’s going to be a fight to gain back the stolen ground in your life. You can do this. Pick yourself up even if its just by one breath at a time.

No one has ever just arrived at the top of a mountain top. They got there by taking one step at a time. They rested, ate and restored themselves because the journey was long and they knew they were in for a fight to make it to the top. The only thing that separates them from you, is a made up mind.

Don’t try to conquer the mountain all in one day. Take one step at a time. One moment at a time. One breath at a time. Figure things out as you go and look up to the Heavens because that’s where your help is coming from. One day you will wake up and you will be excited to see that the day is here. You will mount up on wings like eagles. You will run and not faint. Because you have waited on the Lord and you have been fighting the good fight of FAITH!

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Love has never looked more beautiful than the day your eyes open and you finally see yourself the way Jesus does! Clothed in strength, dignity and honor! You are the daughter of a righteous and loving King, who asks only this. I died for you, will you live for me?

Life has become full of running here and running there. Get this done, get that done! Make dinner, schedule appointments, talk to teachers, finish reports. It’s all about work, kids, bills, school and doctors appointments.

But where does God fit in. Does it happen while laying in bed at night? Do you slip in that last little prayer of God protect me and fall asleep praying. If that’s the case there’s no better way to fall asleep! But there’s just something about getting in the position of prayer, lifting your hands to God and feeling His presence! That’s how your strength gets renewed!

It’s time we stop putting God last and second guessing what He does for us. It’s time to stop asking if God is righteous and faithful! It’s time to start looking at ourselves and holding what we find up against His word. I bet when we do that we finally see whose right and whose wrong.

Strength comes in knowing Jesus. It comes when you finally let go of all those moments of intense fear or doubt or worry over things you have NO CONTROL over. Strength comes when you put your faith in God and allow Him to show you who He is! Then and only then, will your strength be renewed.

Hope in God and he will replace those cares with peace!