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He survived


“Patrice. Does Ty have any kind of medical history I need to know about?”

“What? Why? What’s wrong?”

“Patrice, I just really need to know the answere. Does Ty have any medical problems I should know about?”

“Mom. Tell me what’s going on. What’s wrong with Ty?” I scream through the phone.

Tears begin to unleash and she begins to cry and the words she says next, I’ll never forget.

“I don’t know what’s wrong. He’s in the ambulance and he’s not breathing, I think he had a siezure. They won’t let me see him.”

I felt like my world just crumbled beneath my feet. Before I knew what was happening I flew upstairs and grabbed a few things I needed. By this time Shannon was pulling back into our driveway from going to the store. I jump in the truck to make my way to my baby. Shannon’s crying and shaking trying to get us to the hospital that is techniquely an hour away. My anxiety is now through the roof and my thoughts of despair are trying to consume me.  I think to myself. “He’s not breathing? What can I do from where I’m at.” From that point I call everyone and text everyone I know, Pray. Pray for my baby. Because I know I needed God to hear my pleas and I didn’t have time to debate with the thoughts flying through my head. I pray. “Please God breath life into his lungs like you did mine that day I died. Please God be the air in his lungs. Please Jesus steady the hands of the nurses and doctors dear Lord. Save my baby. Please don’t let him die.” From there I start giving the devil the what-for. “I gave him back to God. You can not have my son. Take your hands off my child. He is a child of Gods. He is a blood bought, born again child of Gods and you can’t have him. He shall not die, but he shall live.” Tears fall from my face. Shannon is frantically driving down the highway, dodging traffic and cars. At one point we get to stand still traffic, but that didn’t stop us he jumped on the shoulder and we drove until we couldn’t anymore. He’s crying, I’m crying. Were going through all the what-if’s in our head. Shannon says “Babe, he’s strong. He will be okay.” With tears falling down his face and his shaking hands he grabs mine to comfort me. We were all each other had in this terrible moment. We arrive at the hospital and I jump out of the truck before it stops moving. Shannon says, “Go, Go to our baby. Make sure he’s okay. I’ll be there in a minute.” I’m running to the doors but their locked. It’s the ambulance entrance and I can’t get in. I’m banging on the doors but no one hears me. I run around the hospital and finally make my way through the ER doors. I tell the receptionist, “My son was brought in from an ambulance.” The receptionist ever so patient says “What’s his name.” I give her his name and she tells me where he is. Before she finished talking I took off running around the corner. I get into the ER and scan the room. Once my eyes see my mom and my daughter I hit the ground running again. As I try to get in to see him the police and my mom try to hold me back. Mom tells the police, “This is momma. This is momma.” The officer takes my arm and says “Go see your baby.” As if I needed permission. The gates of Hell couldn’t have stopped me from getting in that room. As I’m standing there looking at my child. My helpless little baby fight for his life, our eyes met and I knew at that moment, he would be fine. I picked him up and just held him. My babies are big daddies babies so when he steps on the scene it’s all about him. Ty saw his daddy and that’s all he wanted. Shannon grabs him and holds him close and Ty just settles into his daddies arms knowing everything was going to be okay!

We still aren’t sure what happened. We still don’t have any answeres. Other than this, God is good. I could have lost my baby. I could be planning a funeral and writing a completely different post. I could be picking out his casket and laying him to rest. But God is gracious and merciful. He has given me more chances at being a mom than I can ever count. He has blessed Shannon and I with immeasurable beautiful moments with some pretty amazing kids.



3 thoughts on “He survived

  1. Oh wow! God is so good! What an ordeal! And no idea what happened? I cannot imagine… Rejoicing with you. Thank you for sharing, my faith is increased!

    1. God is good all the time! I’m so grateful I get to kiss my baby boy every morning and every night before bed! I’m glad my story has helped. Afterall, we overcome by the word of our testimonies! And I’m testifying that it’s only by the grace of God he’s alive!

  2. Gods grace is Great, I am so thankful to God for breathing his breath back in to My Grandson. There’s not a minute goes by during the day that I don’t think about that day in some way, and I repeatedly tell God Thank you for giving him back to us.
    My Faith has been renewed.

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