Just Breath….

It’s time to breath again. It’s time to sit down, close your eyes and just breath. Clear your mind and just focus on every breath coming and going.

I know sometime’s it can feel as though your invisible and no one will ever understand why you do the things you do. But God does. I know it feels as though life is impossible and your not going to make it to the next moment. God knows. I know that at times it feels like everyone is attacking just you. God see’s your strength.

Your not alone in this world. Your not alone in this walk. God sees all of your struggles. But He can also see that you’ve made Him your fortress. He will not let anything penetrate those walls as long as your heart is centered on Him.

So just breath and focus on what’s important, Jesus! Ponder on His love for you. That will bring so much peace to your heart.


God Bless ♥