From time to time we all find ourselves lost inside our thoughts. Trials come, doubts flood us and fears begin to overwhelms us. I created this page for daily inspiration. I’ve suffered for quite sometime with my depression and anxiety. My depression seems to want to over take me some days and those are the days it’s hard to get out of bed. Getting dressed feels like someone just asked me to climb Mount Everest. The things we face in this life are hard. We weren’t created to carry that load. Sometimes I find myself getting aggravated that God hasn’t taken this from me. But then I think to myself, If He takes it then what would keep me coming back to Him. What would keep me from leaving His side. I know God doesn’t want me to suffer with this forever. I know that because God wants me to grow closer to Him and more in love with Him. So, I make a choice everyday. Stand up and fight or lay down and die. I’m pretty stubborn and hard headed. I guess you can see I make the decision daily to fight! I refuse to lay down and die. That’s just not my style.

One day none of us will have to suffer anymore. Jesus is going to come back and take us home with Him. I’m looking forward to that day! But, while I’m still here I find little moments of hope to keep me going to help me win the race set before me. I pray you do to. I choose Manna for this page because it seemed fitting for daily food. God fed the Israelite’s with manna from Heaven as they journeyed to their promised land and that’s what this section is for. Though we struggle, though we fight and though we may fall down. There is plenty of Manna from Heaven for you to keep going. God will give you the strength you need and the courage to face it. Just stand still, stand firm and trust in Him.


God Bless ♥