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Motivation Monday-Steps to moving forward through the trials.

pexels-photo-618612.jpegNow faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


I recently made a decision to work from home. Leaving my children just wasn’t an option for me and a friend of mine gave me an amazing opportunity that I will be forever grateful for! The women I get to share my life with on a daily basis have provided me with more support and confidence than I’ve gotten in all the years I’ve been alive! I get to share my climb to the top with them and God couldn’t have placed me with any better people. But go figure, it was right under my nose for a long time but I kept pushing it away.

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Moving forward, I want to share with you a little motto they’ve given me to live my life by:

  1. See it- “Vision”
  2. Believe it- “Faith”
  3. Pray about it- “Petition”
  4. Work for it- “Action”

Each one of these are beginning to have a major impact on my outlook on life! It’s shaping and changing the way I think which in turn, changes the way I feel! Who knew that your thoughts could literally change everything about you? Oh yeah, God did! That’s why he told us in Proverbs 23:7

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he…”

It’s pretty amazing the way we allow what were thinking about to completely shift our feelings. We can feel angry, sad, apprehension. We can feel depressed and overwhelmed. We sometimes allow our feelings to dictate our relationship with God, or our lack thereof. Which is a shame because the bible tells us that God never changes and His grace comes brand new every morning!

Write these words down some where! Keep them with you. Put them on your refrigerator or on the mirror in your bathroom. But try to remember those four steps I said above.

What does SEE IT-mean?

Well, before God created the Heavens and the earth, He had you in mind! Isn’t that wonderful. God thoughts about you. He chose the color of your hair and what color eyes would best suit you. He chose the color of your skin and how tall you would become! Do you really think He didn’t put more thought into your kingdom work? Of course He’s thought about that! He laid out a perfect plan for your life and He gave you a vision of that life even while you were still young!

Take my life for example! Even as a little girl when I was alone in my room I would line all my stuffed animals up along the floor. I would gather any papers I could find or that my parents didn’t need and use them for my teaching material! I held class everyday! I even checked attendance! 😉 Even as a little girl I knew I wanted to teach people. Though I wasn’t good at school. Math, I still have a hard time with. Science was never my thing and I just couldn’t get into it. I did like social studies but not enough to really dive into it. Reading, writing, Language arts! YES! I’ll take that all day long! I enjoyed very much diving into a new book and in my mind pretending to be the character in the book. Living out the dreams of these fictional characters in the safety of my own home.

As I grew older and after I had children of my own the longing to teach was still there. Except now, I knew what and where I wanted to teach! I wanted to teach God’s word to people. I wanted to bring the love of Christ to anyone who would listen! That same dream, is still right there inside my heart! That’s God’s promise to me that He does have a future for me, if only I will follow after Him!

So, think long and hard about what you feel passionate about doing. Maybe you tell yourself things like, it’s just not going to happen for me. I’m not good enough. No one will listen. I don’t have the time. Whatever the case may be, don’t listen to those thoughts. It’s not about those distractions. It’s about the purpose sitting right in your heart and it’s waiting to be unleashed. So, open up to it and watch what God does!

The next one is,

Believe It- “Faith”

I know in the world we live in today it’s hard to remember to have faith. Especially when we can so easily fix things on our own. Right!? Except, we never really do fix things on our own. We only end up making things worse. That’s usually what would happen to me when I tried to step in without consulting God on the matter or when I didn’t feel led to step in. Things just progressively would get worse and worse.

I’ve had to learn the hard way, what faith really means. See, for me I thought having faith was simple and easy! I believe. I trust. I’m in His hands. What else is there, right? Well that couldn’t be further from the truth. I never thought God would allow things to happen to me. I guess I thought once Jesus died on the cross He wouldn’t put us through those kinds of things anymore. Except, we need those tests. More than we realize we do! How else will we learn to walk with our faith legs or run with them if we don’t ever use them.

Sometimes I don’t think I’ll make it through. Other times I feel like I’m sailing through! That’s the amazing thing about faith! All you need is a mustard seed to get you started. God will guide you the rest of the way! Just like the vision in your heart that God planted there like the perfect little gift that it is. He loves when we realize we are passionate about Him or whatever that gift may be! Listen having faith in God, is simply loving Him enough to say-“I trust you! It’s hard because so many things have happened, but I trust you and I’m going to give it to you to handle.” It’s trusting God even when the outcome isn’t what you expect. Because let’s face it, sometimes we get those bad reports or we go through traumatic things that we’ll never understand.

Trusting God does get easier! All you have to do is guard your heart! Trust His Holy Spirit whose dwelling inside you to lead you on the straight and narrow path! Get quiet, get still and just listen!

Pray about it- “Petition”

Okay, this one sounds pretty easy right. But, there’s actually a few points I’d like to cover here.

First, know God’s word! Very important! Know His word and know how to wield it when in battle, (prayer). This goes hand in hand with faith. The devil knows what you’re asking your heavenly father for. He even has the audacity to speak to you when you petitioning God through prayer. But listen, the key to this is KNOWING WHO YOU BELONG TO! That’s very important. You have to know that you are a child of God’s and don’t let (allow) the devil to sway your mind with deceitful thoughts.

Get in your prayer closet, shut the door and begin presenting your requests to God! Tell Him what you need done and what you would like to see in your life. Ask Him to step in and help you with that. Petition is so important. You never want to just act on something without first having God’s consent. So make sure you lay it at His feet and ask Him to move the mountains standing before you. Or to open the doors you can’t. Or maybe close a few doors you just don’t have the strength to do on your own.

Work for it- “Action”

There’s no demon in Hell strong enough to stand against you once you’ve followed all the steps above. If God has opened that door for you, run through it. If He has closed it, run from it! You have a purpose, a plan and now you have to put action behind it! Start taking steps to whatever it is you’ve been presenting your requests to God about. Don’t worry about the things you can’t do or control. That’s where God comes in and moves mountains. That’s where God get’s to show you that He is loving you, listening to you and making a way for you! So again I’ll say, if God has opened a brand new door for you, RUN through it joyfully! Because He’s opened it for a reason and sometimes it’s just a season. But don’t you know, that season will produce so much fruit if you just keep the faith!

These are your steps back to Jesus! These are you ways to open up the lines of communication and bring forth new life in your life! Breath life on yourself. Block out the distractions and run from anything that takes you away from the Hope you have in Jesus!

God bless y’all!

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