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Plucking the Weeds

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My husband and I just spent the last month completely re-doing our backyard! We have a pool and we wanted to go tropical as well as bring a little country feel to our little oasis.  I wish I could remember the names of everything I planted but the truth is, I wasn’t called to plant flowers or tend a garden! I can take any yard and make it beautiful. But, don’t ask me to take care of it while your gone, you may come back to some dead plants. I either over water, don’t water enough or I forget to water them altogether! So my husband is in charge of seeing to our garden.  You don’t realize how important this step is until you look one day and the weeds have completely taken over your garden and there’s nothing left of your flowers. Not even the roots are any good!  If I didn’t pluck the weeds the watering wouldn’t do our garden much good.

Relationships are much like Gardening. You have to tend to them often or what you have will wither away and die. 

Like any relationship you fall head over heels in love. Your first thoughts are of that person before your feet ever hit the floor in the morning. I remember when my husband and I first met where we worked! I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I wondered what he was like. His character, his interests, his hobbies. I wondered if he would even consider a single mom with more baggage than he could imagine.  Considering I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety most all my life I wasn’t sure he would be able to handle the task. I sat and thought about things like our future and all the possibilities it would hold. I thought about where we would live, the dinners we would have, the places we would go together! In all the thoughts I had about me and my soon to be husband, I never once gave thought to the trials we might face together. I was so smitten with this man who was obvious, but a mystery to me at the same time.

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The same is true with our relationship with God. There are things we need to do to keep our relationship with Him as fresh and brand new as it was the first day we turned our lives over to Him, even while we grow and mature in our walk! The first one I believe is reading your bible. You must, must, must read your bible! When you first set out on a relationship with someone, your goal is to learn as much about them as you can. Who they are and what they stand for. How do they react in certain situations or under pressure. “Are they hot heads? Will he comfort me when I’m crying and just confused about the season I’m in or will he get upset, scramble and try to fix it?”

For all you single moms out there, the questions double. I know because I was single mom and trust me the interviewing process for the prospective step dad went much deeper than the normal check. Reading your bible is a sure way of interviewing God. Your not sure yet but there’s something about Him that just makes you want to get to know more. Reading your bible teaches you who God is, what His promises to you are, what He stands for and exactly how much He loves you. His word is full of life and fulfillment! He created you and He gave man the bible to keep us from falling away! So, READ READ READ!

#2     PRAYER

I bet you knew I was going to say prayer right! Of course you did because if you’ve ever heard a sermon or read a Christian book or spoke to anyone with a like mind, their going to tell you the same thing I just did. Prayer is key to your relationship with Jesus. Prayer is you and Jesus having a conversation. Some people believe you have to get serious, bow your head and get very spiritual. While others believe you can sit right at your kitchen table with Jesus and have the best conversation ever! (I’m the girl at the kitchen table having coffee with Jesus!) I believe we need both of these types of prayers. They are both used for two very different reasons and seasons in life.

I used to wake up before my boy’s did to get my morning going. I would make coffee, start a load of laundry and grab my bible. After I poured my first cup of coffee I would sit down at my kitchen table, open my bible and get ready for some quality time with Jesus! But not before I pulled out the chair next to me and literally ask Jesus to come and sit and have coffee with me. He always showed up! When I began the conversation my eyes were wide open and my head was lifted up in the normal talking position. I looked at the chair I pulled out and I would thank Jesus for coming and we would begin. I would tell him my plans for the day and ask Him to help me

The second kind of prayer is more spiritual I think. This one is more used for casting out demons or praying over strongholds. Things of that nature! It’s just as important as the first type of praying it’s just different. This is the kind of prayer that takes boldness and knowing! This is the type of prayer where you’re standing on the battle field because your fixing to go to war!

Prayer is one of the most important parts of your relationship with God! You have to seek God out by talking to Him. Inviting Him into your life for every moment and when your truly serving Him, you want Him in every moment! The eye’s of your heart will automatically look up to Heaven for the answer instead of seeking it out yourself!



Here’s a biggee! In the times we live in today, faith takes a backseat.  There are few risk takers out there left among us. Most of us want the guarantee before we get ourselves into anything. Knowing for a certainty defeats the purpose of faith and without it, it is impossible to please God. Faith is knowing. Faith is being persuaded by the evidence presented. Faith is confidence. Faith is like having a mind set in stone. It won’t be shaken, stirred or broken. Walking through life knowing that you are not excluded from things happening gives you the confidence to know that when something does two things are going to happen.

  1. God will be with you. Deuteronomy 31:8
  2. God turns everything around to the good for those that LOVE Him. The love part is very important here. Romans 8:28

Loving God means all your fears will be cast out. No more laying in bed at night with insomnia because the bills aren’t being met or the car won’t start. It means finally knowing that although problems like these arise and sometimes even worse problems come, we know that God is going to stand beside us and turn it around to our good somehow.

Keep your heart open and your eyes locked on Jesus. Don’t stair to hard at the trials that lie ahead. Do what you can do and let God take care of the rest!

God bless!



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