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Standing for something

Have you ever heard the saying “Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” Well, you guessed it, that’s what this post is about! Standing for something. Last night the husband and I had a conversation about being gay/ lesbian. It’s actually a topic that comes up pretty frequently in my house. I’m not sure why other than my oldest son is insisting he doesn’t believe in God and if there is a God than he’s angry about Him sending people to Hell. So, my son uses this topic pretty frequently to argue with me about the bible and try to disprove me. I’m not sure.

Sometimes I can come off a little strong on my beliefs. I wasn’t always that way. But a few years ago I went through some stuff and it caused a lot of confusion in me. I questioned everything there was to question about God. I was angry with Him. Hurt by him. Broken and very lonely. You have to understand, I built my entire life, 33 years worth on the foundation of the bible. I believed every word of it to be true. I took every word for there literal purpose and I tried to walk my life by it. But the storm came and it just about broke everything in me. So I’ve had to dig. I’ve had to find what I believe and what I don’t. I’m searching my convictions out once again and trying to figure out where I stand on things.

It’s not easy trying to figure these things out when you live with a teenager who fights you every turn. A husband who is scared your going to say the wrong thing all the time. Sometimes I get a little scared to say anything. I feel like they look at me sometimes like I’m the big bad wolf. If they only knew my heart.

I have never been someone to judge the next person especially since my sin is just as black as theirs is. I would never just walk up to someone and say “Your going to hell because your gay. or, God hates you because your gay.” That would be cold, callous, hard-hearted, and downright mean. That’s just not my style. Neither is it my style to walk up to someone and just start talking to them about their sin. I just haven’t gotten comfortable with that and frankly I hope I never do. But, if I’m approached or asked where I stand on a certain subject, than yes, I will state my opinions and facts if I have them. Because not only was I asked but I have the right and obligation to tell the truth. But, I also know how to do it in a tactful way. The Holy Spirit leads me to do it in a way that allows Him to step in and convict that persons heart so that He may lead them down the path of righteousness. That’s what it’s all about. Letting people see Jesus in you. Speaking truth in a way that’s lead by the Holy Spirit so He can step in and bring God’s babies home.

I guess at home I’m a little more outspoken and my family hears little compassion in my voice. Maybe they need to see my heart again. I don’t know. I do know, I want my kids to respect me and know that my heart was always in the right place even if the outcome was bad. Sometimes my leading doesn’t go over to well. But in any case we all have a lot we can learn. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a Christian or how many times you’ve read your bible. If it becomes mundane than compassion will lack in your fruit and they will see it.

At the end of they day, we all need to stand for something. Straddling the fence makes you friends for a while, but when push comes to shove their going to want you to pick a side and get on it. It’s not going to be easy. But you have to stand for something.

5 thoughts on “Standing for something

  1. You have tackled very difficult topic. We like to be on the fence because it’s convenient while taking a stand leads to discomfort and we might also end up making enemies.

    1. I will be writing a more in-depth one later this afternoon! Stay tuned!

  2. Great post. I have had similar experiences in my home with my eldest, regarding a different topic. I will say it takes speaking to them through the love of Christ, and educating them through His Word. And a whole lot of prayer! Lifting your family up in prayer today. I’ve been through that, and it can be heartbreaking.

    1. Thank you! I wanted to touch on a subject that’s rarely discussed. I like to use my family as the starting point for conversations! What better place to begin, than at my own home! Prayers are always appreciated! Thank you! My oldest will come back Jesus! I’m not worried! He’s in Gods hands because he has a praying momma!

      1. Amen! He will. I am believing with you. I have seen it in my own home! Prayer truly changes things! I also use my own family and experiences as conversation starters. Looking forward to your next post! Have a blessed day!

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