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The webs we weave

At this current moment I’m listening to the most amazing hymn ever! Come to Jesus, by Chris Rice! When this song plays, I can feel my spirit crying out to Jesus. I can feel my mind and my heart lining up with His will for me. I can remember when I first made the decision to give Him my life. That first time I let go of all those sins that happened before I KNEW Him. My heart felt feee. I had no yokes of bondage strapped around my neck. I was hopelessly in love with Jesus! I desired to know Him. To be with Him. I found no fault in Him and my faith only grew to extraordinary lengths as I sought after Him. But somewhere along the way, in the midst of the trial, confusion devoured my love. Fear trapped and captured me. I had become its prisoner.

I allow the cares of this world to overwhelm me, instead of holding onto His love for me. In the bills I can’t make. The unmeasurable moments I fail as a parent and a wife. I lose myself in those things of the world that shouldn’t matter, but do. I focus so much energy on trying to find my way and make something happen, that Jesus gets smaller and smaller in my rear view.

Thank God He is God! He sees us drifting and time after time he comes knocking. He tries so hard to continue to get our attention and yet we say “hold on Jesus I’ll be right with you.” And in the next sentence we cry out “God, where are you? Why, why did you let this happen to me? I asked you to be here to help me, yet I feel so alone and broken.” The tiny webs we weave, right. We get so wrapped up in the distresses of our lives, we forget to praise God. We forget to bow our heads and just rest in the fact that He will do what He said He would. We forget to trust in Him when the waves start coming. We forget to watch and wait with patience and expectancy for Him to change what’s happening and turn it for our good!

I think sometimes as Christians, especially those who have never walked through a trying fire think life is suppose to be perfect all the time. We gave our lives to Him so now, nothing bad will ever happen to us. If that’s the case we misinterpret the Bible in a big way. All throughout His word His disciples and His people fought. They fought to breathe. They fought to live. They fought not to fear. They fought not to live anxiously. They fought not to be broken. They fought for walls to be broken. They fought for lions not to devour them. They fought through the fire until Jesus showed up!

Child, God has never promised us a perfect life this side of Heaven. He told us troubles would come. “But take heart I have overcome the world.” And there, right there in that sentence is where you’ll find your peace! He’s overcome it. There’s nothing he hasn’t seen, heard, felt, walked through or known. Jesus knows exactly where you are! You are not lost or forgotten! You are not left or abandoned. You are not alone! Jesus is right there! Right next to you. He’s leaning in, contently listening to your heart cry out. Searching for peace. He’s knocking on the door of your heart!

Jesus is a gentleman! He’s not going to come like a thief and steal your heart or your troubles. If you want Him, you have to ask Him to come! You have to make up your mind that He’s who you want! And then little by little, give way to Him. Give way to the things He’s trying to change in you. Give way to his correction! He only chastises those He loves!

Loving Jesus isn’t hard! It was never meant to be! He is everything you want and your searching for! Joy comes in knowing Him! Knowing that He loves you more than He loves anything else He created. He thinks about you! He lavished you with His blessings and you can rest in this, YOU HAVE HIS WHOLE HEART! So treat it good! Fall in love with everything He is! Desire Him with all your heart and God will give you the desires of your heart!

Tonight, if life has become to hard and your living in despair. If you feel like you can’t go on another day. Get still somewhere in your house, in your car, in your closet, at your kitchen table, in your bathroom if you have to. But get still, then get quiet. Bow your head, close your eyes and get your mind quiet. Drown out all those thoughts of hopelessness. All those feelings of worthlessness. Put away all the cares of this world and just cry out to Him. Put your mind on Jesus! Think about His love for you. Think about all the different ways he’s loved and protected you and I’m telling you, God will show up for you. He has NEVER let me down. He has NEVER not shown up for me in my time of distress. He’s always been by my side and he is yours as well! You are His perfect baby! His heart! His love. His precious possession and He desires you!

If you need someone to talk to tonight feel free to email me at or leave a comment! I will answer you! I understand what it means to walk through the fire and feel like your never going to make it out alive!

God bless and goodnight!

3 thoughts on “The webs we weave

  1. WOW! Very Powerful daughter. Thank you.

  2. Just checking to see if your recovering my comments

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