Who Am I



Hi, my name is Patrice and I am married to Shannon. Together we have five awesome children. Four boy’s and one girl! Can you imagine how much of a princess my baby girl is with that many boy’s gathered around her. ♥ She’s our first miracle baby and her brother Ty is our second blessing from God above! From our oldest to our youngest we have Gage who is 25, Cameren who is 16, Adrian who is 14, Leah who is 2 and Ty who is one! You should see all the fun that goes on in this house! We have our hands full that’s for sure. Prayers are always welcomed! I am a part time stay at home mom. I work for my brother as well as run my own business. Virtue Womans Boutique. (Click the link to find amazing boutique clothing at a great cost!)

I started this blog about six years ago. I didn’t do much with it at first because I was a single mom and things were rough. I wasn’t sure how to blog and I wasn’t sure I wanted my personal struggles to be wide out in the open. The original name was uniquely made and paid for. After my more recent struggle, I decided to change the name to fearing faith. It seemed more fitting for my life and my struggles. I decided I wanted this blog to reflect me, my life and my daily walk with Jesus. The struggles I fight against and the pains I endure. I want this blog to encourage and bring people to know Jesus in a way they’ve never known Him. So, this is where the second part of my journey through GAD, OCD and PTSD has taken me. A walk through the valley with God! Where hope can be found and manna for the day! After all, God said “My grace is sufficient”.

Writing has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve never really been someone who get’s on their knees all the time to pray. Though there is real surrender in that, I really enjoy being methodical about my prayers and allowing God into the deepest places of my heart. And that comes through writing! So, as you read through my blog just know your getting a peak into my heart where I only allow God to be!

I love spending time with family! We have our differences and like everyone else there is always a debate on the table. But, there’s no where else I’d rather be than right here with them. They’ve seen me through the worst of times. A time when I didn’t know who to trust or who to turn to for help in my darkest hour. I love taking the kids on picnics and daily walks through the neighborhood. There’s just something about walking through the sunshine that makes me feel like everything will be okay again.

I love listening to music and drawing, though I don’t get to do that much anymore. Life is a little hard when you’ve got a one and two year old!  I am inspired to fight my anxiety and depression with the power God gave me through His Holy Spirit!  I have lived with anxiety for the better part of my adult life. With the help, love and patience of God, I am finding my way, my joy and my truth.

I’m always available to chat about the bible or Jesus! If you need prayer just send me over your request and I’ll make sure your prayed over and for! God bless!